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In August, Miami, Florida is hot and very humid. It’s tropical nature can fully be felt this time of year. It should not be surprising that this time of year is also the slow season in Miami. Many hotels have too many empty rooms and prices for them are quite a bit less. So, of course I was in Miami for Top Gun Training.

Friday gave rise to some Geocaching, claiming the the Florida badge and dropping off a travel bug that I found in western North Carolina. I added some miles to its journey by dipping it in Geocaches in Virginia, West Virginia and around Cincinnati. That little one has been around quite a bit. Happy travels.

The training itself was incredible. How often do you get to spend time with not one, but three self-made millionaires in the ways in which they acquired it. For those you could see outside the discussions, leadership by example was quite evident. It is now time to put all those ideas, philosophies and methods into practice. Otherwise, the investment in time and money will have been for little.

Travel back was a bit of a nuisance. Leaving Miami late, the tardiness and annoyances kept falling like Dominoes. Late to Atlanta, waiting on the gate to be cleared, late leaving Atlanta and then having to wait 20 minutes for the bus to the long term parking lot. By the time I arrived home, I was not only very tired, but with the beginning of a bad headache. Such are the sacrifices of the Entrepreneur.

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Blink. Blink. Blink.

It is last night of vacation and packing is under way. Last bits of laundry complete and last beer consumed. Tomorrow gives the ride to the in-laws for visiting friends.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Drive home from Richmond is long and tiring. A few Geocaches are hit on the way and the Virginia and West Virginia badges are unlocked. An Earthcache requires a photo and some research on the ground. The whole family walks about a state park.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Home is reached. Unpacking starts. Dogs must go out. Normal life will start again tomorrow.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

The remains of the work week are nearing consumed. No blog post in far too long. Where are topics? Where did time go? Must return to reading. Must plan days again. Must account for time and work. Normal life is back fully. Time moves.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

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Some may find my title a bit odd given my current plating in the state of Ohio. The start of my driving experience was in the summer of 1985 in Stuttgart, Germany (Patch Barracks in particular). Tennessee was the the first stop state-side with Ohio coming in 1997. The history now settled, the rant starts.

Much like the PC complaint in the Microsoft answer ads to Apple’s “Mac v. PC,” Ohio drivers are becoming a stereotype. For quite some time when we first relocated to Marion, Ohio, I heard various stories about Ohio drivers this and Ohio drivers that. Stocked as heresay and folk lore, surprises were instore when encountered.

The two problems most noticed are the inability to pass trucks and the holding of traffic in the left (passing) lane. It leads well to the following joke:

What’s the best way to slow an Ohio driver?

Come up behind them.

Over the years, it is quite amazing how often an Ohio plated car will be found holding up traffic in the left lane. It seems the homegrown Ohioan feels it their patriotic duty to slow the progress of others. Once after a breakdown in West Virginia and shooting the breeze with a policeman, I asked about this phenomenon. He too had encountered this obstruction more than once.

Today’s travels took us from Beckley, West Virginia to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Numerous times there were delays and stalls in the passing lane. A few times these were caused by truckers trying to pass another over 3 miles, but most often it was a slow car driver. Nearly without exception, it was an Ohio plated car. So often this happens that the stereotype is seems more truthful than fantasy.

It is time for Ohio drivers to take responsibility of their own actions. Either learn how to use the lanes properly or get off the road. Let the rest of the Mid-West take up the slack for passing lane blockage. Yes, the rest of them do it, but with nowhere near the intensity that is breed in Ohio.

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After a “your stupid,” “no, your stupid” styled start, the first stage of travel to our yearly destination is over. Nearly five hours from Norwood to Beckley, it is time to unwind. Tried to Geocache before eating, but the iPhone is on the Edge Network, so it timed out. What should I expect in the wilds of West Virginia?

I imagine that at one time, this area was more woods than people, but now roads and malls pollute the landscape. Cars everywhere. Where are all these people going? A nice pause would be good.

After the 20 minute discussion of where to go for supper, it was a walk to the Japanese Steak house. Not the normal travel meal, but such a place is more the experience than it is the meal. Food was very good and the chef even better. Now that too much food has entered all of us, the kids decide it is time to go swimming. The pool closes at 10pm, so it is a bit of a hurry. Uhm, it is 68F outside and so is the pool. They were back in 12 minutes, but that is all the time they had.

Tomorrow is North Carolina bound.

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