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It is time for another rant. This time on the inability of drivers to understand how to merge. I’m talking both sides of this. They know how they are.

The slow, no look, no yield, no signal merge

You are driving on the highway and see them. You can feel them coming over, right in front of you. They are in the merge lane. Their speed is slower than it should be. They are not signaling. You know they will not yield as required. Sure enough. You hold your lane and have to brake to avoid an accident. They did not look. They just came over.

These goofballs really irritate them. An established vehicle in the roadway does not yield to the newcomer. It is the other way around. It is the responsibility of the merging driver to see a gap in traffic and merge accordingly. This may mean speeding up or slowing down. The sooner a driver can find the gap and adjust, the better. It requires looking well before the end of the merge lane. Look, find, signal, merge. It is not very difficult. Learn it or get off the road.

The failure to take right-of-way loser

You look back. There is traffic. You adjust speed to get behind them and signal. They keep slowing down. You slowdown. They slowdown. Eventually you have to get over and you see them waving their hands when you look in your rear-view mirror. They are upset, but it is their own fault.

I am convinced these drivers are the same ones who cannot merge properly in the first place. The have the merge rules backward and have had for years. It is amazing they are not in the left lane slowing traffic down. They cause issues by not following the rules. They should not yield, but do. They don’t understand why you don’t get over in front of them. After all, that is what they do.

Arg. Learn the rules or get off the road. Public transportation is made for people like these.

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