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Keep punching... everyday^ Your labor-manageme...

Keep punching… everyday^ Your labor-management production committee. – NARA – 535088 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have decided to earn some extra cash. You look at various opportunities and decide on an on-line business. You sign up and are excited. Several months, perhaps years go by and you hardly have any sells. Why?

How hard are you working your business? Are you really working like you should or are you still in a mentality of punch the clock: doing the bare minimum as to not get fired? That is one of the biggest mistakes the new entrepreneur commit. They fail to realize the employee mentality they have and fail to overcome it. After some time, they get frustrated, declare their program doesn’t work and they return to their jobs, always regretting they didn’t do more.

Most jobs do not pay a worker extra for putting more effort. The worst are starter and union jobs. Each are defined to have a hard set boundary of the least and most someone will make. Put in more effort, get no extra cash or recognition. This complacency of remuneration empowers and nourishes complacency of effort. Employees learn the minimum effort required to get the same pay and not get fired. Group think then leads more to this level. Eventually all of the employees will be at the same, minimal level. Sad, really.

For the entrepreneur, such a level of effort is disastrous. Getting a business started requires great amounts of energy over a short time. Take too much time and you will be out of business. Treat your new business as though it was the only source of income. After all, isn’t that the goal? Start with the end in mind, not excluded to thoughts or dreams, as if it was reality. Fail to do so and it will never be a reality. That’s fact. Move.

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