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It is mid-August and Summer is doing its best to hold on to the weather. The days are still warm, but without the humidity normally associated with Cincinnati. The nights too are cooler than summer. It is the yearly reminder that fall will soon be here and summer will be gone again till next May.

Fall is a great time of year for those who love the colors and terrible for those with allergies. Some do prefer the term Autumn, though somehow it feels more archaic to my ears. Coming from one who strives for the proper use of whom and laments the passing of Old English letters such as Þ and Ƿ this may seem odd, but the word Autumn just has a feeling of foreignness about it. This may be due to its French and Latin roots. This does make it a loaner word while Fall is more Germanic in etymology.

The colors will soon be returning, their level of brilliance determined by the amount of rainfall at the right moments. I’ll no doubt be out looking for chances to take pictures. It will also mean a cooler time Geocaching under the forest canopies. In all, a welcomed time of the year.

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It Is Hot!

Today in Cincinnati, it is hot. Depending on where you are, the heat index will feel like 102-110 F. Yeah, I know that isn’t a real temperature, but it is still stifling.

This seems to happen every year. Every time when the calendar says it is summer, it gets hot. Some summers are hotter than others. When the rain is less, the humidity grows every day. It gets hotter. The ground gets drier. Why?

Why does it get hot every summer? Why does it always have to be unbearable? I mean, come on. What’s up with that? Summer? Really? Why is it so hot in August and July?

No one seems to know. Algore Gump blames the cars and trucks. Some unbelievers blame that big fire ball in the sky. All I know it is hot.

Come back in 6 months when people are complaining about the cold.

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