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Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000 (Photo credit: jaredpolin)

My typical camera bag is showing its age. It is a great backpack and I’ve taken many times on driving and flying trips. These days, however, there is the added need of taking a laptop. When going by car, this really isn’t much of a problem. I put my MacBook in another bag with books, power cords and other materials. Taking two bags on a plane though, that’s a problem.

I started looking at larger backpacks that could hold the 17″ laptop. Holy cow they are expensive. I settled on one from Sam’s Club. The Case Logic DSLR Travel Pack. Though it is inexpensive, I am already seeing problems in the design. For starters, it doesn’t seem to have much room and there are no straps for the chest and waist. Hiking is going to become a problem. I don’t need to worry too much about the tripod as it isn’t making the trip (all aluminum and too heavy).

I have an idea, I’ll pack my existing bag in my suitcase. I stuffed it full of underwear, etc, placed it in the suitcase. It fits! Well, sorta. There is some room leftover, though not enough. It will have to stay home and I’ll need to get used to the new bag.

The biggest problem here is that I really do need two bags. I need one large enough for traveling. Stuff all my gear, lenses, cleaners, filters, laptop, etc. Rugged so I can take it on the plane. Once where we are going, I need a smaller one for hiking around, whether town or wilderness, in which I take only what is needed for that trip. I have tried a few other bags, results are crap.

Are there any bags out there that fit this bill? Perhaps a bag in a bag? Let me know.

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It is time to mix it up on my YouTube channel. It is time for a video challenge like no other in the history of YouTube. What could that be???

This challenge has no real rules, no real goals, no prizes, only journeys, only growth, only fun. So, check out the video introduction for the video challenge.

Here’s the story:

  • Have fun. Make what you want.
  • Expand your thoughts and ideas. Learn new techniques. Grow in your skills.
  • Have fun.
  • Post your videos and keyword to June 2012 Video Challenge
  • Use content you never have before
  • Have fun
  • Don’t worry about the video being perfect.
  • Be in front of the camera, be behind it, use computer generated, make slideshows. It doesn’t matter.
  • Did I mention to have fun?

That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Go. Start. Learn. Grow. Post. Enjoy!

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