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English: IssueBurner interface on iPhone

English: IssueBurner interface on iPhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is your website mobile ready? It is no longer good enough to have a site that will look good in a web browser running on a mobile phone. Users do not want to have to resize and move your site around their phone. A full 57% of users will not recommend a business with a bad mobile website. You can’t afford to lose that many customers.

What does mobile ready mean? It is a rework of the experience to look made for the mobile phone: large buttons, organized for the platform size, quick. The user wants to see about your business and make a purchase during the same session. Annoy them and they are not likely to return. You have to get mobile ready.

What about the QR code? Yes, that needs to not only be in your advertising, it needs to take users to a mobile ready website. Having it go to a website designed for a computer and a full size screen will annoy your users. Don’t annoy them. Get mobile ready.

Don’t know how to get mobile ready? We need to talk. Visit and get signed up. You are losing customers until you get mobile ready.

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