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Cincinnati skyline

Cincinnati skyline (Photo credit: joseph a)

Today I did something I’ve never done. I work at AAA in Cincinnati and today was our annual Children’s Outing. This event takes many disadvantaged children from the tri-State area and gives them a day at King’s Island. This year was the 105th anniversary for this event. It is great community outreach and way for our company to give back.

This year, I was asked to take pictures of the kids during the event. Though I seem to be suffering from a cold, I thought that perhaps the sun would do me good. I’ve also taken pictures at various beer fests in Cincinnati and Columbus, so I’ve do events that require lots of walking around. Wow, I had no idea what was ahead.

Arriving on time, I neglected to put sun screen on. Big mistake as the temperature climbed to over 90 degrees. I did my best to stay hydrated, taking breaks inside every few hours. By 4 am, however, I was done. All pains and sunburned have, I barely made it home. Once cool, I started to get cold chills from the cold and sunburn combination. Yeah, I’m in a world of hurt.

No mater. I would do it again for the kids. To see their faces all smiles all day long at King’s Island is worth far more than price. To have their smiling faces thank you for letting them come is a warmth that will break the hardest heart. These kids have tough lives and it was good to give them a happy day. The event is one that all the kids talk about for the rest of their lives. Some were able to rise above their situation and look to give back through the event.

What a great day!

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