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Holy crap man! What is this? Post once a month and expect people to subscribe to your blog? What are you? Stupid? I mean, WordPress is a great

Sexy girl

Sexy girl (Photo credit: doom_sellers)

thing, but only if you write. Otherwise, it is just another dead subsite handing off of the WordPress domain hoping and praying someone stumbles across it and they buy something. I mean, Holy crap man! What are you?

At the other end are the sites that have 15 postings a day, all about the same product and how great it is. It will make your penis bigger! It will whiten your teeth! It will make women want to rip your clothes off and do it all night long! Oh wait! I can only sell a few in your area. After all, if all the women are sore from all the sex, who will want them?? So hurry, act now!

Boo! Hiss! What a scam! Who are you Michael Parness? Dani? That crazy nut on CNBC hocking stocks?!?!?  Cramer!?!?! Dude! Bite me.

No, this is about truth. Barack Obama isn’t an American. He isn’t his own person. He is a shill for George Soros. Obama supposedly came from a poor family, yet went to the most prestigious schools in the country and received mediocre grades. Dave Icke is right! The reptile Overlords are in Control! Run for your life!

When does my dick get bigger?

Don’t worry dude. Keep rubbing.

Free sex all night at the best clubs in town. My free formula will show you how to get the ladies wet and wanting. Send $200 postage and handling and even you can have sex like Bill Clinton. The babes love him and they will love you too. Get it today!

Yeah. Obama is a tool and his supporters are idiots.

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Before the ink from the pen in Obama’s hand was dry from signing the bill to increase the debt limit yet again, the next fiscal Armageddon was being put before the country. Due to no spending decreases, rating houses are still aiming to lower the credit rating for the US.

The emotional Progressives cry. Tea Partiers nod knowingly. Why still the downgrade? It is simple, no spending cuts.

But there are over $2 trillion in cuts! No, there isn’t. Only with Washington’s moronic base line budgeting is deciding to spend $7 trillion more instead of $10 trillion a cut. Even the Clintons had to put up with this stupidity early in their co-presidency when wanting to reduce the rate of increase. Fellow Democrats kept calling them cuts, Hillary correctly correctly pointed out they were decreases in the rate of growth, not cuts.

This form of Washington fiscal stupidity is why we are in this mess and why we will not get out. The credit rating houses wanted to see real cuts, not decreases in the rate of growth. The only saving grace for the US is that much of Europe is far worse off. You know Europe, that bastion of wonderfulness the Progressives like to prop up as an example of what Socialism can do for all of us. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland. They are all in trouble. England is having to cut deep and France is wondering in the dark. Only Germany seems to have its house mostly in order. They would be better off returning to the Deutsch Mark and going home.

The US government borrows about 43 cents for every dollar it spends. Increasing the debt just moves that closer to 50 cents. This is not sustainable. Artificially propping up the economy only prolongs the misery and prevents growth. Hoover was wrong to spend money to stimulate the economy. So was FDR and Bush. Obama spent money to payback supporters. If companies cannot rise and fall, markets fail. The result is Japan. Their debt is over 200% GDP. Ever wonder what happen to all the Japanese investments that so scared everyone in the 1980s?

Markets need to be free to live and die. Capitalism requires a service be performed before earning renumeration. No service, no money. Everything else is thievery. George Soros earns his money by ultimate thievery, collapsing currencies. That is not Capitalism. That is Barbarism. That is Piracy.

I didn’t vote for Bush because he is a Social Democrat. His spending habits were a constant source of complaint. The beginnings of the Tea Party started in his first term, held underground for fear of a Democrat victory. Once Congress was lost, the bonds became loosen. The yearning for Liberty stirred again in the hearts of the Citizens. Raising the debt limit once again shows our Masters want us all Enslaved. The only Unknown is whether Obama’s Cloward and Piven strategy will work before the next election.

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