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A Week Goes By

Country pop singer Shania Twain performing dur...

Country pop singer Shania Twain performing during her Come on Over Tour in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow! What a week. Some much going on. Some little time to share. That is my issue with not blogging for far too long. The videos? Several shot. Few put together. The examples on HDRI have lead to some interesting results. The clouds….well…they move and that makes it difficult to create an HDRI without some ghosting effects. Ah nuts. Well, there are several ideas running through my head. I do need pointers on screen capturing software so that I may finish the videos. I do use Macs and please send me your ideas.

Hey what! Wasn’t there gonna be something more about Shania Twain‘s song “Today is your day“? Yes, and that article is done. Where??? On Hubpages, of course. It is titled Digging Into Your Day. Read it and please comment. Life is a conversation, not a monologue.

I must say, the more I listen to Shania’s song, the more I like the message. It is not a feel good song. It is a serious telling of what it takes to have success and reach your goals. Start with knowing you will win, keep going and let nothing stand in your way and you will have what you seek.

The coming weeks are going to be something. So much going on. Pro U is changing the website and the webinars are incredible. It is time to start on your success path and build your business.

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