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Some may find my title a bit odd given my current plating in the state of Ohio. The start of my driving experience was in the summer of 1985 in Stuttgart, Germany (Patch Barracks in particular). Tennessee was the the first stop state-side with Ohio coming in 1997. The history now settled, the rant starts.

Much like the PC complaint in the Microsoft answer ads to Apple’s “Mac v. PC,” Ohio drivers are becoming a stereotype. For quite some time when we first relocated to Marion, Ohio, I heard various stories about Ohio drivers this and Ohio drivers that. Stocked as heresay and folk lore, surprises were instore when encountered.

The two problems most noticed are the inability to pass trucks and the holding of traffic in the left (passing) lane. It leads well to the following joke:

What’s the best way to slow an Ohio driver?

Come up behind them.

Over the years, it is quite amazing how often an Ohio plated car will be found holding up traffic in the left lane. It seems the homegrown Ohioan feels it their patriotic duty to slow the progress of others. Once after a breakdown in West Virginia and shooting the breeze with a policeman, I asked about this phenomenon. He too had encountered this obstruction more than once.

Today’s travels took us from Beckley, West Virginia to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Numerous times there were delays and stalls in the passing lane. A few times these were caused by truckers trying to pass another over 3 miles, but most often it was a slow car driver. Nearly without exception, it was an Ohio plated car. So often this happens that the stereotype is seems more truthful than fantasy.

It is time for Ohio drivers to take responsibility of their own actions. Either learn how to use the lanes properly or get off the road. Let the rest of the Mid-West take up the slack for passing lane blockage. Yes, the rest of them do it, but with nowhere near the intensity that is breed in Ohio.

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