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The Reality of a WIP

Reality. It is all around us. It is what we see. It is us. It is also a plugin. Yes, a plugin.

Reality was created by Paolo Ciccone for DAZ Studio. It is a bridge between Studio and LuxRender, a free physical light non-biased rendering engine. When first introduced on the DAZ forums, it created a storm like no other product. When it finally came out, rendering threads would fill up in days. It freed the artist to work on lights like the real world. Light bounced. Caustics were real.

Enough about Reality. Join Paolo in his forums for more.

It is time to return to rendering. Now it is time for a Work In Progress (WIP). The latest scene features Victoria 4 with the Jamie 2 textures. It is time to move lights around and create a simple scene. It is time to learn how to render realistic looking skin.

Join me on this journey.


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