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Wipe our Debt

Wipe our Debt (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)

Those who support the idea of debt like to point out that Capitalism needs Capital. Debt is required to create the Capital, so having debt is not bad. Phooey! While the pump may need to be primed after first, why would anyone need to keep priming? If your economic system does not start to produce profits, why continue it?

The American government seems bent on creating more and more debt, without regard to paying it back. They keep on spending far more than taken in to get the votes secured. There is no regard to a future. The idea of the game is to be dead before the debt holder comes knocking. People, like sheep, keep voting for these clowns.

This is not Capitalism. While it is true that Alexander Hamilton borrowed some money from France to start the American economy, the idea was to pay it back as soon as possible and it was. The system keeps itself going when the Government is out of the way of commerce and does not burden the people with massive debt. Today, however, this idea is long gone. Buying votes is far more important than securing a future.

Those Hamilton supported the idea of a Central Bank, many of the founders of America opposed it. The reason is simple. As soon as a country surrenders their currency to another entity, their control is no longer under their control. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson all opposed such moves. It took the banker crooks till 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reserve under Woodrow Wilson. At that moment, Americans lost control of their country and have been in debt ever sense.

This is not Capitalism. It is slavery. It is Debtism. It is the never ending debt to bankers.

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Photo of a dog behind a chain-link fence at th...

Photo of a dog behind a chain-link fence at the Paws and More No Kill Animal Shelter in Washington, Iowa. I took this picture. This looks just like my dog Yuma. He was from a shelter in Evanston Il. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toby’s 30 hour journey has a good ending. After losing sleep and not being able to justify to ourselves that we had made the right decision for Toby and were not just completely selfish, we called the Cincinnati SPCA on Sunday afternoon and asked if we could get our dog back. We talked to them why we came to the shelter in the first place. We expressed our concern that he would not get adopted and be put down. As much as we want him to have a good home, we are not willing to take the chance with his life that he will not.

My mother told my wife after we had dropped Toby off on Saturday that he was one of God’s creatures and Toby was in His hands now. Though this offered some solace to her, it did not to me. What is God wanted for Toby to have a good home and we were it. Were we giving up too soon on training this dog to be better? After all, when we picked up Wolfie from the Knoxville Animal Shelter nearly 20 years ago, we gave a larger donation to get free basic obedience training classes. She became a wonderful dog, even in the small apartment we had at the time. She still chewed and did things, but we loved her.

It was a race against the clock to get to the shelter before 5 pm. It took them some time to find him, worrying us that he had snapped at someone and they hadn’t updated the computer. The animal handler came back empty handed once and my heart sank. She left again to search a different area. In a few minutes she returned and asked if this was the dog. It was.

Toby sniffed around the waiting area and then saw us. He was overjoyed at our return. He smelled like the shelter. A bath was in his future when we got home. He is back with his toys. He has already peed again in the house. Snuggles has stopped her wondering all over the house looking for him and is now sleeping. Her tail again wages.

The next few days will be very telling. We know we must work harder to train Toby to be the dog he can be. It will take work and discipline. The kids will need to understand what having a puppy means. The dogs they knew growing up were well passed that stage. They’ve never experienced not being able to ignore a dog for too long. The journey will be bumpy, but it will be fun. And should the need ever arise where we must give away a dog? We will make every effort to never take a dog to a shelter.

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A few months before my wife and I were to marry, a stray dog showed up around my parent’s house. They were living and working at Johnson Bible College then and I was commuting to the University of Tennessee. I walked my future wife to her dorm (she was a Johnson student) and the dog followed me around.

Surely this stray dog belong to someone in the community. After all, Johnson had a fence around most of the land, cattle were still kept in those days. I made a sign and placed it at the local Kimberlin Heights Post Office. I had people I know ask in the local schools. No one claimed her. Against perhaps better judgement, I kept the dog.

Sandy was an outside dog and a free spirit. We kept her chained up and I tried to walk her every day. The yellow lab that lived the next hill over would come by nearly daily to play. Things were good.

As my wife and I looked for a place to live, one theme kept repeating: no dogs. Some places did allow dogs, with a small weight limit. Also, Sandy was not an inside dog. She could not live in an apartment, even if she was under the weight limit. Finally one day we had to do what we didn’t want. We had to take her to the pound. We made a good donation to help pay for her keep. I can still see her face when we left. I never knew what became of her.

On that day I swore I’d never take another dog to the pound that I had kept for so long. It would be one thing to take a dog that was wondering the streets or try to find an owner. But not one we had kept for months.

Today, I broke that promise. I broke that promise to a little dog named Toby. A stray the kids said they want to keep. A stray that they grew to not like. A stray that never seemed to get fully house broken. One that would be nice and then snap at someone. A dog that would be chewing his toy, then go and grab a figurine of my daughter’s or a model of my son’s or, as was the last stray, a hardback book of my wife’s.

He last day with us was full of the things he would keep doing. I found him under the bed happily chewing a book, though he had a new toy. He peed in the house before we left, though he had been let out not two hours before. Fragments of his rope chew toy were all over the living room. Pieces of my son’s superball were under chairs. The carpet padding he pulled out where everywhere. He got into my son’s comforter again and pulled out more stuffing. It was a typical day.

He took him to the Hamilton County SPCA. He peed in the parking lot, but didn’t bark or pull when other dogs barked at him. He behaved so well in the office and just looked at us when he went into the cage. All those thoughts of Sandy flooded back to me and the forgotten promise rang through my head like a bell. I couldn’t believe I had to do this again. Was I just throwing his life away on convenience or was the right thing? I didn’t know. I still don’t know.

As before, we made a good donation. We tried to tell them he was good and needed a home. We cried, more than once. I still cry. Oh Toby, be a good doggie and find that 9 year old who needs you to play fetch. Please forgive us for taking you to the most terrible place. Please live out a happy life for a long time. Please Toby, please.

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IMG_1005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I first met Michael Force at a Master Marketing Event in Phoenix in 2011. I simply walked beside him and interrupted someone else talking to him by asking if they took copious notes. It may have been a bit annoying, though it did play on one of Michael’s key phrases. It was his radio spot about being a former Marine and not really knowing marketing, yet he got into a marketing business known then as Carbon Copy Pro (it became Pro U). Though he is tall, is shorter than I, so it is all relative.

I met Andrew Cass during that same event, though in a more formal setting of the after party designed to put new marketers with the pros. I did have someone take a picture of the two of us. For those of you with a Facebook account, the picture of the two of us is here. For pictures of the whole MME 7 event, back up a bit to here.

In the Pro U world, Michael Force and Andrew Cass were 2/3 of the three Amigos, the latter third being Gregg Davison. In those days, the three seemed inseparable, conducting team trainings together, webinars and a mastermind event in Miami. The Top Gun training that weekend so blew my mind that the result was captured in this video on the Sunday evening. All seemed to be going well.

Andrew was the first to branch out on a way for online entrepreneurs to get funding required to really get going on their business. Gregg was striking to grow his team to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible and Michael was taking a great role in mentoring Pro U members. Then suddenly, it all changed. Silence was heard from all three.

Gregg Davison as the first to drop out of communication with personal problems. Our thoughts and prayers went with him.

Andrew Cass went completely silent.

Michael Force resigned his position as mentor for Pro U to concentrate on Business to Business.

Others filled in the gap.

Now Michael and Andrew have returned. Their new business is less an opportunity and more of a marketing vehicle for other businesses. It is concentrating on mobile marketing. It is about using iPhones and Androids to reach customers. A personalize iPhone app is available. Websites converted to be mobile device ready. Now is to the time to get in. Act now.


Bryon Lape has seen much and been around many opportunities that failed. The IMall, Streamline, ebay selling, etc. He has seen much and failed at more. Pro U is about community and sharing. What does this have? Can it be used to sell Pro U or The Empower Network?

The answer is yes. When launched, the new vehicle expands into the realm of the mobile device. Users are no longer content to pinch and expand websites really meant for computers into their phones. When they scan your QR code, they want to go to a site made for their device and buy now. They are serious. They want the right information coupled with the right experience. They don’t want to futz. Make then do so and they are gone.

This is gonna be big.

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Cincinnati skyline

Cincinnati skyline (Photo credit: joseph a)

Today I did something I’ve never done. I work at AAA in Cincinnati and today was our annual Children’s Outing. This event takes many disadvantaged children from the tri-State area and gives them a day at King’s Island. This year was the 105th anniversary for this event. It is great community outreach and way for our company to give back.

This year, I was asked to take pictures of the kids during the event. Though I seem to be suffering from a cold, I thought that perhaps the sun would do me good. I’ve also taken pictures at various beer fests in Cincinnati and Columbus, so I’ve do events that require lots of walking around. Wow, I had no idea what was ahead.

Arriving on time, I neglected to put sun screen on. Big mistake as the temperature climbed to over 90 degrees. I did my best to stay hydrated, taking breaks inside every few hours. By 4 am, however, I was done. All pains and sunburned have, I barely made it home. Once cool, I started to get cold chills from the cold and sunburn combination. Yeah, I’m in a world of hurt.

No mater. I would do it again for the kids. To see their faces all smiles all day long at King’s Island is worth far more than price. To have their smiling faces thank you for letting them come is a warmth that will break the hardest heart. These kids have tough lives and it was good to give them a happy day. The event is one that all the kids talk about for the rest of their lives. Some were able to rise above their situation and look to give back through the event.

What a great day!

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A Week Goes By

Country pop singer Shania Twain performing dur...

Country pop singer Shania Twain performing during her Come on Over Tour in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow! What a week. Some much going on. Some little time to share. That is my issue with not blogging for far too long. The videos? Several shot. Few put together. The examples on HDRI have lead to some interesting results. The clouds….well…they move and that makes it difficult to create an HDRI without some ghosting effects. Ah nuts. Well, there are several ideas running through my head. I do need pointers on screen capturing software so that I may finish the videos. I do use Macs and please send me your ideas.

Hey what! Wasn’t there gonna be something more about Shania Twain‘s song “Today is your day“? Yes, and that article is done. Where??? On Hubpages, of course. It is titled Digging Into Your Day. Read it and please comment. Life is a conversation, not a monologue.

I must say, the more I listen to Shania’s song, the more I like the message. It is not a feel good song. It is a serious telling of what it takes to have success and reach your goals. Start with knowing you will win, keep going and let nothing stand in your way and you will have what you seek.

The coming weeks are going to be something. So much going on. Pro U is changing the website and the webinars are incredible. It is time to start on your success path and build your business.

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Keep punching... everyday^ Your labor-manageme...

Keep punching… everyday^ Your labor-management production committee. – NARA – 535088 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have decided to earn some extra cash. You look at various opportunities and decide on an on-line business. You sign up and are excited. Several months, perhaps years go by and you hardly have any sells. Why?

How hard are you working your business? Are you really working like you should or are you still in a mentality of punch the clock: doing the bare minimum as to not get fired? That is one of the biggest mistakes the new entrepreneur commit. They fail to realize the employee mentality they have and fail to overcome it. After some time, they get frustrated, declare their program doesn’t work and they return to their jobs, always regretting they didn’t do more.

Most jobs do not pay a worker extra for putting more effort. The worst are starter and union jobs. Each are defined to have a hard set boundary of the least and most someone will make. Put in more effort, get no extra cash or recognition. This complacency of remuneration empowers and nourishes complacency of effort. Employees learn the minimum effort required to get the same pay and not get fired. Group think then leads more to this level. Eventually all of the employees will be at the same, minimal level. Sad, really.

For the entrepreneur, such a level of effort is disastrous. Getting a business started requires great amounts of energy over a short time. Take too much time and you will be out of business. Treat your new business as though it was the only source of income. After all, isn’t that the goal? Start with the end in mind, not excluded to thoughts or dreams, as if it was reality. Fail to do so and it will never be a reality. That’s fact. Move.

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It is time to mix it up on my YouTube channel. It is time for a video challenge like no other in the history of YouTube. What could that be???

This challenge has no real rules, no real goals, no prizes, only journeys, only growth, only fun. So, check out the video introduction for the video challenge.

Here’s the story:

  • Have fun. Make what you want.
  • Expand your thoughts and ideas. Learn new techniques. Grow in your skills.
  • Have fun.
  • Post your videos and keyword to June 2012 Video Challenge
  • Use content you never have before
  • Have fun
  • Don’t worry about the video being perfect.
  • Be in front of the camera, be behind it, use computer generated, make slideshows. It doesn’t matter.
  • Did I mention to have fun?

That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Go. Start. Learn. Grow. Post. Enjoy!

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