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dog fetch

dog fetch (Photo credit: mallix)

What a day today was. Starting before dawn walking the dogs, my head felt like someone was driving a nail through my forehead. No, this was no leftover from drinking too much or staying up playing computer games, this was real and out of nowhere. Not long into dealing with the dogs, nausea showed up to say hello. Surely, this was a real reason to return to bed.

Gave in. Did. Hours later.

It was time to be up, after all the puppy dog chewed up a couple of my daughter’s toys. Hello day. Headache still around, let’s see what can be done with it anyway. On-line to check auctions (not real ones, those in World of Warcraft). Ok, run an instance. Ok, now what. Exercise!

Exercise tried and not feeling any better, what now? The typical Sunday morning routine. Check tweets and trim old ones. Generate new ads being sure to take advantage of Michael Force’s funnel. Done and saved. A few more tweets. Ideas for blog postings go in and out. Nuts. Clean up. Lunch. Dressed.

Video Editing

Wait, I shot videos yesterday. Find the D7000 and get the vids off of the cards. This camera also has a battery recall, time to check the Nikon website. My are not included. Load videos into iMovie. This will take some time, off to other chores.

Was able to spend an hour editing some videos. One is a demonstration of the D7000 panning and zooming, for the photography followers out there. The other is a new take on a concept with marketing. Marketing is more than just advertising, it is about establishing relationships. The woods behind my parent’s house had noises of the chirping birds, cars going by on I-74 and the occasional wind. It was a good metaphor to stop and listen. Listen to your customers, feel their pain, know their desires. Connect here and they will know your product. The video is a connection with listening.

Wrapping Up

What an amazing day. It was filled with illness, headache, tiredness, cleaning, shouting, tears, anger, heartache, forgiveness, love, tenderness and redemption. Like any day. Unlike everyday. And it totally rocked!

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy sleeping.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy sleeping. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I puppy dog woke me up this morning. It had not been a good night for sleeping and I wanted to sleep in till 6am. The puppy had other plans and started to whine a little before 5am. After 20 minutes, my wife insisted I deal with the dog. Here I had the chance to reminder her who wanted the dog and who didn’t. I got up anyway.

Letting both dogs out in the morning has become my chore. It was my before with the other dogs and as each got too old, I was looking forward to the last being gone. The kids sure didn’t take care of them and our carpets are in the of replacing. It is a nice 10 minutes to myself in the morning, even if it starts early. I used it to warm up and get ready for my morning workout. Today I wanted an extra hour. I didn’t get it.

In the rain, head hung low

As I stood on the cold rain, I reminded myself that “Today is Your Day” and Shania‘s song tried to get into my head. I wanted to go back to bed. Surely, I could get this done and head for more sleep. Surely my wife would not be up yet. After all, it is Saturday. Well, not quite.

Once back inside, it was obvious my wife was up for the bed. After all, she was not the one with the bad dreams and issues. She didn’t keep waking up. She slept. My daughter was upset too as the puppy tends to pester her more than anyone else. I told her mommy was not in bed and she could have her spot. All I wanted was more sleep. I turned the alarm to 6:30 and got back in bed.

More sleep, more lethargy

A bit later, the alarm went off. Snooze.

A few minutes later, the alarm went off. Snooze.

Alarm. Snooze.

Alarm. Off. After all, there is enough noise, I’ll get up.

Eventually, I was able to get up. It was past 8am. My body was screaming for protein. Usually by now I’ve had my workout, creatine (Six Star x3) and BCAA supplements and 50g of protein from a shake. Getting up this late, none of that was in my system. The morning workout was not going to be fun.

Up out of bed I went, angry that I had slipped back into an old habit. Too much sleep on a weekend day. NOS supplements in. Soft granola bar to give my stomach something to do. Check mail. Bike to get warmed up. On to weight routine.

The lesson learned

Every weekend that does nor require my immediate presence somewhere has resulted in my return to bed. No more energy was acquired from doing so. Usually I get up feeling worse than before. The best answer to tiredness in the morning is to get moving. Exercise and get the blood flowing. Returning to bed is bad.

When I finally did arise, overcoming this tendency is now placed well in my mind. Well in the front. There it is. One cannot seize their day and they are in bed. Get up!

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One step at a time.

One step at a time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is day two of my devotion to making each my own. Today was great! I took control of own path. I became assertive without being belligerent. I stood my ground when I needed and gave yield when appropriate.

I am finding as I move forward that I am becoming less tolerant of the lack of others to try, to do. Giving up as an option is quickly diminishing and my tolerance for that in others is becoming less so. Yes, there is much that is becoming less. I must be advised to myself to be careful. I wish to teach my children, not alienate them. I wish to show and demonstrate achievement, not overbearing. They need a strong leader in their father, not a distant figure others admire and they miss.

The next step is always there

As each day goes by. As each milestone is reached. As each checkpoint is cleared. The next step always presents itself. The next step always comes. The journey is long, each portion well filled and meant to be well enjoyed, no matter the circumstance. Today I push onward, replacing my demons of my past with new angels of love, grace and commitment. It is keeping to the trail that brings one to the end, not stopping and going back.

For me, there is no return to the past ways. Those ways lead me here. Those ways will not get me to where I need, no, where I MUST be.

Travel on.

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(Photo credit: NoahRazzi)”]Shania Twain - Today Is Your Day [BK's SOC #6]This being my personal blog, there are times when I statements become not only necessary, but required. Dear reader, indulge me a bit as I take control of my future and responsibility for my results. It is time for me to Carpe Diem. No, I am not afraid to admit this is being inspired, at least in part, by Shania Twain‘s song and video “Today Is Your Day“. If you have not seen that video, what are you waiting for? No wait! Watch it after reading.

Starting With Go

The first step to seizing your day is to start. It may see trite. Without a single step, there is no change, there is no action. The age old expression “A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step” still rings true today. Whether your action is to make today yours or to climb mount Everest, that first step must be taken. Without a first step, there is no second, no third and no one hundredth. To seize my day, therefore, I had to take step one. Und dann das zweite, das Drittel, und so weiter.

One step, two step, next step, you step

There! My day is seized! Now what??!?!? Keep going. Keep learning. Decide on a long term objective. Work backward and assign milestones. See the checkpoints. Each checkpoint is a short term goal. Walk to it. Go it. Take all the steps necessary to see yourself at the checkpoint. Take inventory. Is the long term goal still valid? Yes, get to the next checkpoint. Accomplish the milestone. Each day spent getting to that goal is one seized!

Long term goal down. Working backward. There’s a milestone. And another. Checkpoints to each milestone. Yes, I have it. Step. Step. Run. Jump. Step. Step. First checkpoint reached! I rock!

The process becomes life

I am no longer taking excuses. I am no longer giving excuses. Each day starts with a review of the goals and the steps to get to each. Obstacles will be removed, run over, breached, conquered, overcome. Every negative, no matter the scale, is an opportunity.

No longer will I think thoughts of failure. Failure is a chance to try another direction. No longer will I think I cannot, that it is impossible. Impossible is a chance to learn, to grow. The only limits that exist are the ones I create. Limits will therefore never again be created by me. I am my own. I am my life. I am my way.

Run along side or get run over. Today is my day. Make today yours.

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